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Supine means to lie face up.
Yogis call it “Savasana” or “Corpse Pose.”
Lying supine places the spine in a neutral position, keeping body in alignment. It restores circulation throughout your body and lowers blood pressure, preparing your body to relax.
We start most sessions supine.

Result driven pain relief with a knowledgeable massage therapist in Downtown Columbia

Through in-depth consults, education, and personalized sessions,

clients find migraine relief and effective ways to manage chronic pain.


SC License 10303

Bailey B. Rotenberry, LMT

Bailey has been a client favorite at Columbia spas since she became licensed in 2016. She combines her clinical training with advance bodywork techniques to deliver effective pain relieving sessions. Her own chronic migraines and muscle pains lead her to seek alternative care. In 2014, she discovered a combination of regular yoga practice, massage therapy, and chiropractic care brought significant relief.


Through educating clients on the benefits of stretching, regular massage, and individualized recommendations, clients enjoy a great reduction in pain. Often, with a few sessions, clients are able to return to active lifestyles.


Modalities that Bailey often uses include: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Yoga stretching, Orthopedic Massage, cupping, heated tools, and reflexology.


She is a Certified Member of ABMP, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professional.

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